Monday, November 3, 2008

Prize Winners!

The prize draw took place on Saturday morning (November 1) at Best Friends Pet Supplies in Tantallon. All of the winners have been notified by phone. Here are the lucky winners...

1) Silk Scarf - Kim F.
2) Vase - Helen B.
3) Silver Earrings - M. B.
4) Cream & Sugar - June M.
5) Feather Fascinator - Liz M.
6) Glass Earrings - Sue H. M.
7) Silk Bag - Eliz L.
8) Bowl - Rick G.

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets to support this project! A number of feral cats in HRM will be spayed or neutered and receive vet care because of your generous support.

Watch for updates on the feral rescue projects...and for future fund raising projects.

Thanks Again!

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